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Here’s what an effective recruitment marketing campaign looks like

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Recruitment marketing drives higher volumes of qualified candidates to apply for a role with best-practice marketing automation, optimisationoptimization and candidate relationship management (CRM). But what are the experiences and touchpoints within a typical recruitment marketing journey?

Recruitment Marketing JourneyRecruitment Marketing Journey


Attract (amplify employer brand to attract great people)

Recruiter is appointed to uncover the best candidates.

  • A hiring manager approaches a recruiter for a role that needs filling.
  • They begin their research to understand the position requirements, looking to existing internal talent pipelines for suitable candidates to target the right talent.

Posts job to careers site: Automation does the rest.

  • Recruiter posts a job ad on a dynamic careers website optimisedoptimized for search engines (SEO) and mobile-responsiveness.
  • The job posting is shared automatically across social media and other key promotional channels.

Curious, potential candidate explores options for a career change. 

  • An interested candidate – passive or otherwise – considers the possibilities of a career change.
  • They begin their research, exploring all the roles that pique their interest.

Dynamic careers site content showcases employer brand on any device.

  • Next, the candidate visits a company’s careers site to get a sense of the culture and find suitable roles.
  • Dynamic careers site content showcases the company’s Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and empowers the right-fit candidate to apply.
  • Enabled by cookies, the candidate receives hyper-targeted EVP content.

Event pages and expression of interest (EOI) forms capture even more hot prospects.

  • A company’s careers website attracts more high-quality candidates with:
    • Expression of interest forms
    • Company newsletter sign-ups
    • Event registration forms
    • Alumni talent network registration forms
    • Internal opportunity registration forms

Candidates sign up and enter the talent network.

  • These ‘Candidate magnets’ allow passive talent to connect with the company they’re interested in.
  • Calls-to-action (CTAs) and easy to use forms and fields capture their details.

MobiliseMobilize (analyse, prioritiseprioritize and build high-quality talent pipelines)

Jobseeker activity and interaction data is captured to build rich candidate profiles.

  • A smart careers site pulls in information from multiple sources and channels
  • Sophisticated candidate relationship management (CRM), scoring, and insights store candidate details and collect data on their interactions.

“Silver-medalist” candidates, alumni and internal talent profiles are captured and kept warm in talent pools.

  • Valuable runners-up are primed and ready to go for future job openings.
  • The details of alumni and internal talent are captured and stored in talent pools to maintain lifelong connections or ‘employees for life’.

Candidate relationship management (CRM) software helps sift through candidates with powerful segmentation.

  • Powerful CRM software helps the recruiter transition from reactive recruitment to a proactive sourcing strategy – they no longer rely on reactive hiring or outsourcing.
  • Interests, diversity and inclusion considerations, and experience level segment candidates.

Smart recommendations highlight candidates that best fit the job criteria.

  • CRM automatically identifies best-fit candidates – surfacing hidden candidates along the way.
  • Automated talent pipelining gives the recruiter more time to engage with suitable candidates.

Recruiter works faster and smarter with a 360-degree view of their talent pipeline.

  • Consolidated information lets the recruiter analyse, prioritiseprioritize and build high-quality talent pipelines, 
  • This 360-degree view offers more accurate forecasting.
  • Working smarter, not harder, the recruiter has more time for more high-value activities, leading to a better candidate experience and competitive edge.

Data and insights help hiring teams optimiseoptimize their approach.

  • The recruiter leverages new insights to adapt and optimiseoptimize their approach.
  • Focusing investment in the right channels, the recruiter can reduce their sourcing spend and convert even more quality candidates.

Engage (nurture candidates and provide an exceptional experience)

Recruiter creates and schedules automated workflows.

  • A recruitment marketing automation platform handles manual tasks, reminders, and follow-ups.
  • These scheduled workflows place the candidate journey design in the hands of the recruiter.

Candidates are carefully engaged with the right message, at the right time, on the right platform.

  • The recruiter maintains a positive candidate experience with quality talent anytime, anywhere using preset nurture flows and automated follow-ups.
  • With SMS job alerts, email nurtures, candidates are kept interested and informed.

Chatbots help candidates seek out the information they need.

  • Chatbots start a conversation before candidates self-select in or out of the application process.
  • They also answer any questions around salary expectations and role requirements.

Targeted nurture flows automatically progress candidates further down the funnel based on their level of engagement.

  • The system assesses and scores candidates accordingly, and high-quality applications progress to the next stage.

Candidate hits “apply” and information is fed into an applicant tracking system (ATS)

  • The recruiter presents the hiring manager with the best options.
  • Candidate information is stored in an ATS for future reference.

Best-fit candidate is hired. Future-fit candidates are on top of the recruiter’s list for next time.

  • The recruiter now has a steady pipeline of candidates ready for when a role arises.


To find out more about how you can implement an effective recruitment marketing campaign from start to finish – request a demo.

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