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Employee Spotlight - SVP of North America and EMEA

Sarah is our SVP of North America and EMEA. Based in our New York office she leads our efforts and teams in both regions. Outside of work she has a passion for fitness and can be found on a ride, run or HIIT session!


 How long have you been at PUP?
It was 2006 and I joined as a fresh-faced graduate straight out of Melbourne’s Swinburne University. I used to row competitively and one of my good friends at the rowing club suggested that I apply for a role at a small SaaS company that was doing well. I never imagined then the journey that PageUp would take me on over the next fourteen years.

What do you do at PUP?
On some days, I am a counselor, a social organizer, a removalist, a courier...  But on most days I am the Senior Vice President for North America and EMEA.

Talk us through your journey at PUP?
In fourteen years, I have had eight roles in four different offices around the PageUp world. My first role was a Support Consultant helping people to reset their passwords - I laugh now, but this personal level customer support is a critical part of our business success. After a couple of years I moved into implementing our software, where I progressed through a number of roles in Melbourne and Sydney, developing a close understanding of customer needs and working with them to make sure the system addressed those needs and created business value. In 2014, PageUp expanded to Asia and I joined the team setting up our head office in Singapore. Technically, my title was Asia Alliance Manager but in reality I was selling, demoing, implementing, and supporting our software for our Asia customer base while building a great team.  Within a few years I had worked my way up to Vice President of Asia and my breadth of experience allowed me to progress to the SVP of North America and EMEA in early 2019.  Today, I still know how to change a password, but now I manage a high-performing team of nearly 30 professionals who strive every day to be the number one Talent Management provider in our region.

What advice do you have for future PUP Stars?
Fourteen years ago, I would never have imagined that I would travel the world and meet so many of my closest friends - and my now husband - but none of this would have been possible without a willingness to adapt, learn new skills, and take risks. So my advice to future PUP Stars is to be flexible, ride the wave, take advantage of the opportunities that PageUp can provide and know how to have fun!


What are you most passionate about outside of work?
In my rowing days, I used to rise at 5am every morning, train until 7:30am, work until 4pm then train again until 7pm - so fitness has always been a part of my life outside PageUp. Today, I might not be on the water, but I have a new found love for an American fitness startup named ‘Peloton’. We have a bike at home and every day I ride, run, complete a HIIT session or relax after a long day with a yoga class.

What gets you most excited about the company’s future?
I might be biased, but PageUp hires the best people! Great talent is a fundamental strength of our business. From awesome customer service to a team that develops a highly configurable product, I believe PageUp has the ingredients to continue our exciting growth.

What is the culture like at PUP?
From the very beginning we were a company that had to compete and win against some much larger household names, so we have developed an ‘underdog’ culture that means that all members of the PageUp team will band together for a common goal, whether it is winning a huge contract or improving sourcing effectiveness for an existing customer.

In Australia, this culture has made us the leading Recruitment Management provider and this culture is fundamental to our further success in other markets around the world.

What is your favorite PUP Value and why?
All our values mean something personal to me, but one in particular stands out: integrity. I am a strong believer in standing by my word - and I know my team shares this same value. Our integrity is a hallmark of our sales, implementation, and our customer success for every customer around the world.


What has been your favorite moment at PUP?
Fourteen years has brought so many favorite moments! In Melbourne I lived with two other colleagues and they are still my close friends today. In Singapore we traveled as a team, shared our successes (and our pains), and these are life experiences I carry with me today. In New York, our team gathered together online at the height of the pandemic to share personal stories and cocktail recipes. These close connections are the life blood of my PageUp journey.

What is your favorite benefit at PUP and why?
Community Service means a lot to me, so the PageUp offering of ‘volunteer leave’ is my favorite benefit. I have used this time to deliver meals on wheels for seniors in Singapore and collect 60lbs or garbage from the Hudson River in New York, among many other activities. I know community support means a lot to our PageUp team, so I look forward to finding more opportunities in the years ahead.  

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