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17 hiring tools to support your online recruiting

The way we recruit has fundamentally changed overnight, and each new day brings fresh challenges for hiring teams. They need to do this in a way that’s scalable, and that still provides a great candidate experience. And they have to do this all completely online – from home offices, or perched at the kitchen table, conducting interviews in the one quiet part of the house (closet, laundry or garage), or propped up on the couch with a pet crying for attention nearby.

It’s a tall order for many hiring teams – many of whom are operating with reduced headcount and resources. Yet these teams are expected to deal with more applicants than ever before. The wave of layoffs and furloughs that accompany the COVID-19 pandemic – over 40 million have filed for first-time unemployment in the US alone, and close to 1 million Australians have lost their job since March – have meant there are huge amounts of people on the market. Some organisationsorganizations have seen a 400% increase in applications for an open role.

This has meant that overnight, tech adoption has been accelerated 10 years. Even laggards have been forced to adopt online recruiting tools to survive, as organisationsorganizations realiserealize that HR tech is the only viable way to scale-up their hiring power and do more with fewer resources.

In this article, we’ll discuss the 15 online recruiting tools every talent team should know about. These tools will supercharge your remote recruiting while still providing a seamless candidate experience with a human touch.

We’ll cover:

What’s changed and why do we need to move online?

More than formal training and industry associations, 76.3% of talent acquisition (TA) professionals believe that an improved tech stack will bolster their recruitment capability. This is according to recent research presented by TalentPod at the recent Next Wave Talent conference about the top talent acquisition trends to come out of the current crisis.

The survey found that 91% of TA teams expect a mix of home and office work will be the way of the future, with 89% of organisationsorganizations already establishing a working from home policy. Talent acquisition will have increased responsibilities coming out of COVID-19, such as keeping employees engaged, and ensuring remote onboarding still keeps people connected to their new role and company. With an average ratio of 1 TA professional to 100 employees, the workload for HR teams is piling up. It’s no wonder organisationsorganizations are turning to technology to help.

What tech is your company exploring due to Covid?

  • 65% are exploring remote onboarding
  • 56% are exploring video – both for interviewing and advertising
  • 54% are exploring online meeting software
  • 45% are exploring online background checking
  • 36% are exploring online testing

Tech will drive the next phase of development as we learn to recruit in a remote world, and in response HR priorities are shifting. People teams are now focusing and prioritising:

  • 78% – Talent engagement
  • 76% – Internal mobility
  • 74% – Onboarding
  • 59% – Outplacement

Technology supports all of the above strategies and provides a streamlined experience for candidates. But with thousands of vendors offering a range of tools, it can be intimidating to find the right tech for your organisationorganization. That’s why we’ve compiled an easy-reference list of tools to get you started on your remote recruiting journey.

17 online recruiting and hiring tools you need to know

1. PageUp recruitment marketing software

OrganisationsOrganizations spend huge amounts of time delivering a great experience for their customers, but many don’t prioritiseprioritize the candidate experience to the same degree. This is a big problem.

Let’s not forget those candidates could also be your customers – whether or not they’re successful in their application, they should still have a great end-to-end experience. Unfortunately, many organisationsorganizations are failing to deliver on the candidate experience due to the sheer volume of applications they’ve received. Most hiring managers would prefer not to go cold or “ghost” candidates, but providing adequate nurture and touchpoints is hardly practical if you’re communicating manually without hiring tools – like recruitment marketing software.

Recruitment marketing can keep candidates engaged and warm in talent pools – even if you’re not hiring right now. Pre-set nurture flows can mass-communicate to candidates at-scale, providing regular updates and personalisedpersonalized touchpoints to everyone in the hiring process. Analytics and benchmarking allows you to see where people are falling off and adjust your approach.

2. Curious Thing: Voice-based AI interviewing

The age of manual recruitment has come to an end. COVID-19 has accelerated remote and tech-enabled recruiting, and even laggard organisationsorganizations are realising they need to think differently about recruitment.

Hiring teams are becoming more open to using robotics and AI to do some of the heavy lifting – giving them hours back in the day to focus on valuable human interactions. AI solutions like Curious Thing handles the initial candidate screening with voice-based AI conversational interviews that are scalable and allow you to screen large volumes.

The AI interviewer is also able to assess candidates using behavioural questions designed to screen for attitudes and competencies – rather than simply scanning a resume. As we move into the new world of work, essential skills like the ability to be change-agile or collaborative and innovative are becoming more important than formal qualifications or “hard skills” and experience alone. The death of the resume may not be far away.

3. PredictiveHire: Text-based AI interviewing and online testing

PredictiveHire automates interviews so that each applicant is interviewed in-depth and at scale via a text chat that surfaces candidates with traits common to success. This helps you surface the best candidates, faster, while remaining completely remote. Candidates are then assessed, scored and ranked using AI technology, dramatically reducing recruiter time and effort. In some cases, this led to 90% recruiter time savings, when compared with standard recruiting processes.

4. Talegent: Online assessments

Combining a first-class candidate experience with predictive analytics tools, Talegent can assess candidates to find the best talent at-scale. Talegent offers a wide range of industry-specific solutions to predict performance: these include personality, cognitive ability and values assessments, allowing you to identify and quickly recruit top performers. The best part is these assessments can be done from anywhere in the world, allowing you to choose the best person for the role, no matter where they are.

5. Vieple: Video interviewing

Without the ability to interview candidates face-to-face, recruiters have had to pivot to video interviewing software solutions practically overnight. One example is Vieple, a video interviewing platform that can be used by recruiters and candidates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This allows candidates to schedule and record interviews regardless of location of time zones. One PageUp client was even able to implement Vieple with their existing PageUp ATS within 24 hours – and all while completely remote. Integrating with Vieple allows you to quickly identify the right candidates and progress them to the next stage of the recruitment process.

6. Alcami: Video interviewing

Alcami provides on-demand video interviewing solutions to help the busy remote recruiter. This helps organisationsorganizations to narrow down a broad talent pool and find the right people, faster. Alcami also delivers an improved candidate experience, giving people the option to take interviews when and where it best suits their schedule

7. HireVue: Video interviewing

HireVue combines video interviewing software with predictive artificial intelligence to allow businesses to surface the best candidates, faster. It provides video interviewing, assessments, and coaching to help remote recruiters interview and evaluate candidates when and where it suits them best.

8. SkillSurvey: Reference checking

Reference checking can be one of the most time-consuming aspects of recruiting. When done remotely, it can be even more tedious. SkillSurvey Reference makes reference checking simple and streamlined, and helps remote hiring teams get meaningful feedback in a timely manner. It’s an online, automated referencing solution that gives you deep, comprehensive insights on all your candidates, whether you’re online recruiting, onboarding, or managing a placement.

9. CV Check: Background checks

CVCheck is a global provider of background checks that provides the verified information you need to make confident hiring decisions by reducing your hiring risks, improving staff retention rates, and increasing efficiencies in the hiring process. Importantly, remote hiring teams can launch checks from wherever they work, making the recruitment process shorter and more efficient.

10. Sterling: Background checks

Sterling RISQ provides comprehensive background and identity verification services, which is perfect for the changing needs of an evolving remote global workforce.

11. Xref: Background checks

Xref makes reference, background and ID checking straightforward, fast and secure. Remote recruiters can request reference checks in seconds, and references can be completed in a little as 24 hours. Backed by local support teams, Xref also offers multi-language capabilities and meets the highest global compliance standards (ISO 27001).

12: PageUp Recruitment Management

When recruiting remotely, the candidate experience can be disjointed, low-touch, and just plain frustrating. To ensure a seamless experience for remote candidates from finding a job listing, to applying, interviewing, and onboarding, the best of breed point solutions we’ve just discussed should all be integrated with a powerful ATS. Integrating with a core ATS also ensures recruiters and hiring managers have a great experience – all backed up by deep analytics.

PageUp Recruitment Management features powerful analytics dashboards and custom-built reports, and with one simple system you can manage, track and optimiseoptimize every stage of the candidate lifecycle.

13. PageUp onboarding

Perfecting remote onboarding should be a priority for all talent acquisition teams. Remote new-starters are likely to feel even more disconnected from their new workplace in their first months, so HR has to work even harder to make the onboarding experience memorable. If they don’t, new starters will feel unsupported in their new role, they won’t be set up to succeed, and they’ll likely leave within a few months. Hiring teams will be left at square one.

Thankfully, technology can make onboarding smooth and efficient, and can connect new starters to the culture and values of their new organisationorganization. Tools like PageUp onboarding can deliver an astounding onboarding experience that sets a new starter up for success no matter where they are.

14. HelloSign: eSignature for easy onboarding

Onboarding remotely doesn’t just present challenges for the new hire. It also raises compliance and payroll headaches for HR teams that need to ensure boxes are ticked and forms signed, all which must now be done completely online.

HelloSign makes filling out onboarding documents easy, providing an intuitive way for organisationsorganizations to send and request e-signatures from new starters. HelloSign lets businesses integrate leading eSignature functionality directly into their onboarding process with an easy to use interface and powerful security.

15. Mumba: SSO for seamless integrations

Boosting new starter engagement starts by providing a seamless employee experience. Mumba boosts productivity and employee engagement by connecting an organisationorganization’s HR and business applications in one central hub. Through system integrations, Mumba brings everything an employee needs into one user-friendly app, accessible from any device.
Through Mumba employees can access payroll, onboarding, training, learning, and other key HR and business systems from one single interface and without the need to login to multiple systems or apps. The result is a seamless digital experience across all employee systems.

16. Frontier e-HR: HRIS and payroll

Getting employees set up on payroll is one of the most important parts of onboarding, but without proper tech to assist you when doing this remotely, important compliance information can be overlooked. Built by HR professionals, Frontier e-HR offers a comprehensive range of HR capabilities to assist you in organising, growing, and paying your remote workforce. Frontier e-HR also offers Payroll Outsourcing services with a dedicated in-house payroll specialist to ensure compliance at every level.

17. Tracker: I-9 compliance

Tracker integrates with your core ATS to provide a centralisedcentralized and seamless remote onboarding experience. Once a new hire accepts their offer letter, the required Form I-9 process is initiated – all in a completely hands-off process. Tracker’s solution automates the onboarding process and reduces administration time all the while ensuring total compliance while remote. The Tracker integration also provides time-based colour-coded dashboards, email alerts, and reporting capabilities to ease the burden of tracking various deadlines.

This is by no means an exhaustive list of online hiring tech out there – there are thousands of best of breed solutions available for you to explore. Think of this as a way to get you started on your remote recruiting journey. And if the team at PageUp can help in any way to help you optimiseoptimize and streamline your recruitment marketing, recruiting and onboarding, do get in touch.

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