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We're on a mission to connect 100 million people to their best careers, including you!  

Our people are the heart of our business, and we know our teams perform at their best when they are diverse and everyone has a strong sense of belonging.  We know that people who tap into their strengths, do meaningful work and are recognised for their achievements help drive our continued business success.

Looking for a new place to work?  Here is a snapshot of our teams (and what they’re about) - maybe you’re just the person we’d love to meet.


We’re PageUp’s biggest team, full of innovators and ideas people dedicated to making technology that people love to use. We start by looking for problems, then putting our heads together to build the solutions — always checking back to make sure they’re just right. 


PageUp’s mission is to connect the careers of a 100 million people, so it’s safe to say you need a high performing sales team to make it happen. From offices all over the world, our dedicated Presales, Business Development, Account Executives and Inside Sales Teams cover our global markets showing off what PageUp can do — and the value it brings. 

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Customer Success

Want to know what customers are thinking? Call on us. Our job is to get to know our customers inside and out, reporting back to our Product Team and Account Executives to make sure we’re providing the kind of technology solutions they want and need.  We've also got a bunch of specialist HR know-how and really cool data and analytics that we share to make sure customers are on the front foot and can get the most out of PageUp.

Professional Services

We’re the team that makes sure our new customers get exactly what they signed up for, on time and on budget. Our collective wisdom on products and industry best practice help us set customers up for success once we’ve configured and implemented their new systems.


When you’ve got a great product, you need to get the message out — and we’re just the people to do it. Whether it’s working alongside the Sales team at industry events, collaborating with our Product team on new product releases, listening to our customers, or producing content and webinars for different audiences. We’re all about working hard to make sure we bring the right messages to market.


Money talks, and we’re the team that knows just what it’s saying. We keep an eye on how PageUp is performing and use our talents to model and forecast what things will look like down the track, so we can continue making sound business decisions. We also make sure everyone gets paid correctly and on time, which is kind of a big deal.


At Team Talent, we’re the people people. We love making the entire employee experience at PageUp great — from recruitment to development to just making sure the vibe is right. You’ll find us hunting throughout the world for the perfect person for every role, and giving them the support they need to succeed at what they do best.


When you’re working with other businesses globally, you need to make sure everyone’s on the same page. So we’re here to manage the complex legal stuff, which lets our other teams get on with what they do best.

Internal IT

When tech goes wrong, we’re there to help. And when it goes right, we’re usually the ones behind it. We support every team at PageUp - wherever they are in the world - making sure their tools are sharp, and always looking out for new ways to make our systems work better for them.

We are super proud to have been named one of Australia's best places to work


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