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Employee Spotlight - Inside Sales Representative

In A.C Gama's role as an Inside Sales Representative, he builds, nurtures and maintain's relationships with prospective PageUp clients. A.C has a love for music, food, rugby and philosophy.  


How long have you been at PUP?
About a year now! Oddly enough I have not even felt the time pass, There's has been so much to learn about not only our offering but the industry as a whole, nonetheless I have settled in so easily and seamlessly it’s like I was always at PageUp.

What do you do at PUP?
I am a Inside Sales Rep for the Southern Region focusing on Enterprise and the Mid-Market space or as we call it “Express”.
What I do is build, nurture and maintain relationships until commercial conversations can be had.

Has your role changed since you first started at PUP? If so, how has it changed?
A little of column A, a little Column B. As with all things, nothing is a constant 
How I do my job has changed quite a bit since starting and of course has evolved and become involved around building sharper business acumen and really innovating the role of front-line sales. 

What advice do you have for future PUP Stars?
Soak it all in and ask every and all questions most of all get involved! 

What are you most passionate about outside of work?
I have so many passions but my top 5, I must say I love music and its a great tragedy that I can't sing. Kenny G showed me that if you can't sing, play the sax!  
Next is watches/horology especially up and coming micro-brands, Philosophy, Rugby and food! Oh how I love food! Just having a euphony of flavours assembled on a plate accompanied by a stellar Chardonnay sums me up. 

What gets you most excited about the company’s future?
Our innovative mentality and fervor to be and remain best of breed!

What is the culture like at PUP?
I have often joked about this when I first started that everyone was suspiciously nice, but everyone truly is, you can bring your whole self to work and all of your interests! You like bubble tea? There's a group for that , Insane about dogs … there's one for that too! 

What is your favorite PUP Value and why?
ZING! I have managed to gain a reputation as the ideas guy, looking at ways we can elevate our roles to automate and become more intelligent in how we do our job. I like ZING because at its core, it encapsulates an organisation that values ingenuity and most of all listens and considers different ideas.

What has been your favorite moment at PUP?
Rarely do people mark interviews as their favourite part of anything but mine would definitely have to be my interview process. 

What is your favorite benefit at PUP and why?
Awesome days! For that one day when the sun is shining, the daisies are in full bloom and you want to spend the day paint-balling or at the golf course or even on your couch trying to get through a Kafka novel!

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